The current problems for technology investments are;
  • market and products are changing quickly,

  • customers and their requests are changing

  • business parties are requesting flexibility from technology implementations

  • Keep investment and maintenance costs acceptable

The solution;
  • Keep a System Integrator Partner close,

  • Use local and global solution teams for flexibility

  • Transfer different solution implementation experience and know-how

  • Use qualified outsource team for temporary or long term peak resource needs

VISIONEX Technology Group 


Highlights of our team and expertise:

  • Software solution packages for;

    • FMCG Sales Force Automation​

    • P&C, Pension and Health insurance

    • Bankassurance solutions

  • SAP partner, solution vendor and solution implementation

  • Oracle partner, solution vendor

  • Java and .NET development team

  • Mobile, native solutions iOS and Android platforms

  • Cloud and Private Cloud Solutions

  • Financial transformation, consolidation and reporting solutions

We are ready to support your development projects by:

  • Outsource consultants or team, with a wide range of expertise area

  • Managed contractor or sub-contractor for technology development projects


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